Color Business Center

Business Centre - Customer Case Study

Our Customer
Their Challenge
The Solution
Multi-site Dutch Business Center and Workspace Provider with 14 centers and and ambitious expansion plans.
Complex number of providers and services at multiple locations becoming unmanageable.
Fully outsourced voice and data services from one specialist European Communications Partner.
The Detail          
Color Business Centers (Color BC) was founded over 15 years ago with three branches.  They now have 14 centers with ambitions to continue their growth in the coming years.  
Each center is developed and managed in an open, people-friendly and professional way, committed to making entrepreneurs feel at home. 
Color BCs buildings, employees and lessees are colourful and diverse.
They are developing a national network of business centers across the Netherlands.
Their flexible service and expertise makes it possible for entrepreneurs and employees to flourish. 
With a number of centers already operating and more planned, managing several different technology suppliers at different locations, providing different services, was becoming far too difficult to run efficiently. 
Color BC was also concerned that the speed of communication and technology advances was increasing so quickly that it would be almost impossible to keep up with, and benefit from, the latest advances unless they outsourced to a specialist company. 
With considerable expansion plans in place, it was essential to find an outsourced solution provider to deliver a complete Telecommunications and ICT infrastructure. 
The solution needed to allow Color BC and their customers to benefit from the latest Communication advances, but without them having to invest in infrastructure that would age, or employing a team of technical staff to manage the solution.
Penzias provided a fully outsourced solution for Color Business Center’s entire Telecommunications and ICT services. 
This solution is being rolled out across all their centers, delivering services to new centers as they open up.
Fibre is provided to each building to ensure high bandwidth availability and to connect each center back to the Penzias core for monitoring and management of all services.
Wi-Fi is installed throughout each building to meet tenants need for quick, easy access and to provide Center Managers with a centralised management system.
A full portfolio of hosted voice and data services is then provided to meet the varied needs of each of the tenant companies from entry level simple desk phone and internet connectivity, up to Executive services for those with more complex communications needs.
Finally a reception console is provided which allows call handling to be managed from any location, or in fact just one should it be required, to ensure greater working efficiency across the various centers.
Key Benefits
  • No upfront investment
  • Fully outsourced service
  • Removes the pain of managing technology advances
  • Personal approach
  • Services that can scale and improve profitability
Why Color Chose Penzias
“The most important factor in choosing Penzias initially was the fact that we didn’t need to make an upfront investment in order to roll the service out across our centers as we expanded. 
With expansion being key to our future plans, having a partner that shared the financial investment with us was very attractive.
This was not the only reason for choosing Penzias though.  Color Business Centers believe in the personal approach, we see ourselves as Transparent, Flexible and Colorful, and this very much fitted with the ethos of Penzias.
Through their work with ABCN, we had seen what Penzias delivered, how they built relationships and knew we could trust them to deliver on their promises.
We are working closely with Penzias to ensure each centers’ team can upsell the services to our tenants, making the most of new revenue stream to increase profitability.“
Penzias took away the pain and 
complexity of dealing with so
many different suppliers.